Read more SANSA and Airbus Defence and Space believe there is significant scope to increase the use of earth observation data, in both the public and private sphere, within South Africa. This will lead to a range of benefits, both in terms of commercial competitiveness as well as societal benefit. In order to achieve these outcomes, SANSA and Airbus Defence and Space are searching for novel uses of earth observation data gathered by satellite.
Deadline: 30 June 2017
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Read more TIH in partnership with the NFTN and DST are seeking innovative approaches to analyse the chemical composition of spent foundry sand (SFS). The objective is to reduce the time, damage and cost of analysis from the current processes that makes use of leaching technologies.
Deadline: 31 March 2017
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Read more OpenIX, representing Gelvenor Textiles, invites proposals for novel applications for their K27 self-healing textile technology. K27 is a plain weave fabric woven using high tenacity nylon yarn and coated with a silicone elastomer which exhibits a number of unique properties, including self-repair characteristics, puncture resistance, chemical/ water/ UV resistance, extremely high strength to weight ratio, and shape memory. Gelvenor Textiles, as owner of the K27 technology, will work closely with the successful respondent to...
Deadline: 13 October 2016
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RC-C00007 - Advanced Orebody Knowledge
Challenge closed for submissions
Read more The Chamber of Mines is interested in looking for innovative technologies that can reliably give advanced knowledge of the ore structure and grade for various ores in South African mines.
Deadline: 30 September 2016
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RC-C00006 - Reducing the Cost of Alcohol Production
Challenge closed for submissions
Read more Solutions are sought on behalf of a multinational beverage company interested in identifying and supporting novel approaches to reduce the production costs of alcohol without having a negative sensory impact on the final product. Submissions can be submitted via the SOLEX platform by clicking on the Submit a Response button.
Deadline: 30 June 2016
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Read more Convert large and continuously growing stockpiles of eucalyptus and pine tree sawdust (generated as a by-product from sawmills in Zambia), into a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and responsible fuel source for local (e.g. surrounding communities and industries adjacent to sawmills) and domestic uses (e.g. heating, cooking) as well as for firing industrial heat driven processes such as boilers, steam cookers, etc.
Deadline: 03 February 2015
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Read more A large credit institution in Sub-Sahara Africa is seeking a workflow solution with which to radically improve the turnaround times for processing customer loan applications. The solution needs to plug into the bank’s existing ERP (such as SAP) management and financial suite with no (or minimum) changes to the ERP suite, and provide management information, status reporting, status escalation and client interfacing as a stand-alone ERP plug-in solution.
Deadline: 10 October 2014
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Read more Pursue significant cost-savings for, and increased production uptime of Debmarine Namibia’s marine mining processes of pumping diamond-bearing sludge from the ocean floor to the surface, by extending the effective operating life of impact reducing absorptive wear linings shielding the nozzle spouts of sludge pumping drill pipes.
Deadline: 10 October 2014
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Read more A turn-key, make-to-order production operation head-quartered in the SADC region is seeking a digitised and/or automated technological solution for optimising the design, layout, and cutting of material. This solution should be novel and customised to the production volumes, skills levels and other unique aspects of the Client’s operation, and enable the entire operation to show immediate and significant cost savings due from reduced labour usage, faster design turnaround and set-up times, as well as reduced material...
Deadline: 19 September 2014
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Read more KBB, a block brick making company based in Namibia is seeking an innovative royalty counting solution which can be fitted to, or integrated with the K-Block moulding machine, to ensure accurate and auditable production counting and control as the basis for managing royalties due by licensees. KBB is especially interested in solutions from industries where the basis for royalties is a low-cost high-volume physical artefact, such as a construction brick, a factory produced item such as a high production volume identical...
Deadline: 19 September 2014
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