Innovation Offers


What is a Technology or Innovation Offer?

A Technology or Innovation Offer involves a ‘push’ of a unique innovation into the market by publishing it on the Regional Connect platform and thereby inviting potential customers, solution seekers or even venture capitalists and potential research partners to respond.

By nature, a technology offfers can be innovative concepts,  prototypes or products.  Once published, further market attention is attracted by various campaigns to promote the innovative nature of it, including references in widely distributed innovation newsletters.

By submitting a technology offer, owners are able to potentially:
  • Obtain funding

  • Find business support

  • Access to new customersTap into different markets

  • Connect with incubators that support specific types of innovative ideas

  • Gain Collaboration

  • Identify co-development partners

  • Showcase your technologies / ideas to a wider audience


How to submit a Technology or Innovation Offer

If you have an innovative concept or developed a technology that you want to offer to the broader market, you can submit your Technology Offer by completing the information in the Technology Offer submission form. There is no cost for posting a Technology Offer but you need to be a registered member of Regional Connect to submit.  Once submitted, the content of your submission is  moderated by the Regional Connect Resource Team. You need to be the owner of IP for the Technology Offer and you must ensure that the technology description is clearly articulated. 


Why submit a Technology Offer?

  • Showcase your innovation to a wide audience (local, regional, national and even globally).

  • It doesn’t take long to submit.

  • It doesn’t cost anything.

  • You are supported in formulating your technology offer in such a way that it speaks to the market while protecting your IP.

  • You reach people outside of the networks that you would not normally have been able to connect with.

  • You connect with a growing number of potential partners, customers, funders etc. who are sharing interests that are related to your technology, product or service.

  • You become part of an innovation community where your technical expertise might enable you to solve published challenges.



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